Sunshine Coast Acreage Home Builders: Making Dreams Reality!

Are you dreaming of living the coastal country lifestyle? At Pacific Blue, we are custom acreage home builders on the Sunshine Coast, passionate about making your dreams your reality! Meet Scott and Ash, our amazing clients who built their dream coastal acreage property with us. Please continue reading to learn about their building experience.

Q1: Why did you want to build a home on acreage?

A1: We aimed to chase more space and something to grow into for a family down the track. Ash grew up with acreage, so it is something she has always wanted. We also didn’t want to be on top of our neighbours – which is rare nowadays. 


Q2: What made you choose Pacific Blue?

A2: We were very specific with what we wanted and did a lot of research on what we wanted our home to look like. We had a pretty clear picture in mind – very white, light and bright. We approached Pacific Blue with firm ideas about where we wanted to go. We also tried to keep it local and build with a local team, so we just started researching for the right builder. We got an excellent feeling and vibe when we first met with Cam and the Pacific Blue team. They made us feel comfortable and didn’t make us think that our questions or requests were silly. 


Q3: How was your experience with Pacific Blue?

A3: Pacific Blue was so organised. We didn’t experience any delays with materials or anything because they planned so far in advance. Communication was excellent – spot on even – we’ve always been able to reach them no matter what. Everything went so well that Pacific Blue never needed to reassure us. We were fortunate and over the moon, as building a house is never easy; problems and minor issues always exist. However, Pacific Blue has exceeded our expectations. The result has been great for us. It’s certainly more than what we were hoping for.


Q4: What makes Pacific Blue different?

A4: If you can explain what you want to the builder and everybody is on the same page, it makes the process much smoother because everyone knows your direction. This makes Pacific Blue different – they listen to your wants and needs by explaining exactly what can be done. 

As builders specialising in acreage homes, we aim to create your dream home right here on the Sunshine Coast from Cooroibah to Caloundra. From pre-conception to turnkey finish, we take you through our flawless process. We care for the finer details and take the time to create quality outcomes. 

Want your very own coastal barn built on your acreage? Contact us today to discover how we can make your acreage home dreams a reality. 


Acreage home with spacious interiors and modern architecture by Pacific Blue, leading builders on the Sunshine Coast.