Our Process

We care for the finer details and take the time to create quality outcomes.

initial consultation

Thinking about buying a home to knock down and re-build? Are you unsure of what is involved, what is possible and what it may cost?

That is where the team at Pacific Blue can help. We offer a complimentary consultation to investigate your particular project. We then work on a proposal including a concept plan, detailed specifications and pricing, all free of charge! We can use our industry experts to answer the queries you may have and provide you with the fundamentals to make an informed decision on your potential project, even before you have made a purchase!

Our Process
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Every house we build is unique. We have no standard plans! Whether it is a plan you have had pre-prepared or are looking to work with us on a design , we cater to both.

Each of our clients meet with our Building Designer and work with them to achieve a home which best suits them.

This begins with an initial consultation in our office with our Designer, where we work together to develop a design brief for your project. We discuss all the important things, like what rooms and features you need, the style you like, and of course what budget you’re hoping to keep to. Our Building Designer then works their magic to come up with a plan that fulfills all the criteria discussed.

They then work with you further to get it to be exactly as you want it, even if it means starting from scratch!


We pride ourselves on being as honest and transparent as we can with our clients. A big part of this is making sure we get all the information right before taking the project to contract.

We spend a little extra time refining our proposal, tailor made to your needs. We investigate the options you hope to see in the home and provide transparent pricing for you to make an informed decision.

This allows us to provide you with a contract price which has considered everything you want and minimises those costly post-contract variations.


At Pacific Blue we understand the importance of a level of finish that is not only the highest of quality but also flows through every aspect of the build. Our team work through the finer details, booking appointments with our suppliers to refine your chosen, colours, fitting and fixtures. We are open to any range of materials and products and are happy to investigate anything that our clients bring forward.

We then take the time to sit down with you and ensure that each element of the build is working cohesively and that the finished product will be something both out team and customers are extremely proud to produce.

By ensuring this decision making process is complete before construction commences, there are no compromises on quality that can be brought about by making decisions on the fly through the course of the build.


Here’s the most exciting part, where you can see your home taking shape!

To offer an extra level of clarity, our construction team will organise multiple meetings with you on-site over the course of the build. This is to help ensure that it all comes together as you imagined it would, from electrical and plumbing locations, to the way the tiles are laid, and driveway requirements.

In the last few weeks of construction we will offer advice on arranging service connections, home and contents insurance etc. to ensure that on handover day you are 100% ready to move in.

Once complete, there is nothing more to do than hand over the keys and you can start enjoying your beautiful new home!