3 Reasons to Consider a Knockdown Rebuild Project with Luxury Home Builders

Do you love your suburb but not so much your house? You might have given renovating a good thought. But perhaps there’s just too many things that need to be redone or maybe you just want a brand new floorplan. Well, going down that route may become quite pricey and with any kind of renovation there’s always unexpected surprises that push out your project timeline. Perhaps you might consider completely knocking down your house and rebuilding a brand new modern home that fits your needs and style, all from scratch with luxury home builders.


So here are 3 reasons to consider a knockdown rebuild project with luxury home builders.


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1. Remain in the same neighbourhood while getting a new house


With the state of the current housing market, it seems like choosing to remain in your current neighbourhood may be your best option, especially if it’s a good one. Why not keep the same address but jazz up your humble abode. Redesign your home, add rooms, shift spaces around, make your kitchen bigger, add in the spa bath you always wanted or the pool the kids have been begging you to get. The possibilities are endless! Get creative and have fun with it. When you choose Pacific Blue you work collaboratively with our in-house team of designers and architects to achieve your dream home. 

2. Everything is brand new so you get a warranty 


Since everything is new with a knockdown rebuild, you get a warranty with your home. If you notice any imperfections or the start of wear and tear on your home,  we’ll identify the source of the problem and rectify it for you at no extra cost. At Pacific Blue, as luxury home builders, we pride ourselves on leading with service and then commitment. We’re all about creating long lasting relationships with your family and your friends.


3. It can be more affordable than renovating every aspect of your home

Renovating can be extremely stressful and limiting depending on the size of your project. If you only plan on renovating a room or two it can be a sound option. However, if you’re after a complete restructure of your home, with larger spaces and a consistent flow of design throughout your home, then a knockdown rebuild might just be for you. Not only do you get a brand new home with a warranty, you also don’t have to worry about your home being a work in progress and disrupting your daily life. At Pacific Blue, with our honest and transparent approach, we work with you to design a home that fits your needs and suits your budget.


If you’re ready to take the next steps to build the home of your dreams, reach out to our friendly team of luxury home builders today. After some inspiration? Check out our projects page to see our recent work.

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