Building Your Dream Home: Is The Building Industry Stable Enough To Support Your Build?

As we move into the new year, building companies will continue to struggle with significant problems, from rising costs and labour/material shortages. The rise in costs has resulted from interest rate increases, raising debt-servicing prices for many residential construction firms. Even though supply-chain demand for building materials on a global scale has eased, many builders are experiencing disruptions related to the worker shortage, adding further costs. 

Although the building industry as a whole could be more stable, at Pacific Blue, we have adapted to the new normal and remain confident we can deliver your dream home in the given timeframe. We will let you know what is involved, what is possible and what it will cost so that additional expenses are not added. 

Is Pacific Blue financially stable to build your dream home? 

Despite the fact that there is no end to the challenging sector, pricing stability is nowhere near as volatile as it was at the beginning of the pandemic. Today, in the building industry, much more planning is involved to ensure we can build new homes without the added stress of potential delays and costs. Building with a custom home builder, such as Pacific Blue, with loyal relationships with the extended team and suppliers, allows us to perform to deadlines, stay within our client’s budget and produce a high-quality custom build. 

We have built solid relationships with our networks over the last ten years, spending our time and energy working with people who understand our and our client’s expectations. Our trades and suppliers appreciate our service, giving us an upper hand as our reliable and robust network enables us to deal with the relentless curveballs our industry throws our way. 

We are honest and transparent throughout your project and ensure you know what is happening behind the scenes. We don’t add on additional costs, and we stick to your desired plan, so you get the home of your dreams! We guarantee we get all the puzzle pieces together early in the process, ensuring everything comes together smoothly and we are all left with excellent results. 

If you’d like to learn more about price stabilisation for your custom build, give us a call today to receive an all-around consultation with our experienced team.

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