What is a true “custom home builder”?

Are you thinking about knocking down and rebuilding your home to suit you and your family on the Sunshine Coast? With a custom home builder like Pacific Blue, it’s not about choosing from a selection of pre-designed homes. You can select every detail of your new home, from the layout to the materials and more! 


Custom home builders build one-of-a-kind homes designed by you for you. You can take your concept plans to our designers or work with our designers to create a custom plan for your dream home. With a custom home builder, you can make all the decisions and get the home you envisioned rather than settling for a standard home. So if you want that added kids’ TV room or a second ensuite for the guest room, you can have it!


At Pacific Blue, we let you have control over the process—allowing you to work within your budget and your land size. You have the opportunity to show your personality and cater to your family’s needs throughout the layout of the home. Some might think custom home builds are expensive; however, it is dependent on your inclusions and design choices. There is a lot of flexibility with a custom build, allowing you to choose where you’re willing to spend some extra cash and where you can save some. The reality is you can get more for your money with a custom home builder.


“Custom home builders build one-of-a-kind homes designed by you for you”


With a custom home builder, designers and builders will bring your vision to life, considering your land size. If you have any specific requirements for your home, such as eco-friendly materials, a custom home builder can include these requirements. Unlike custom home builders, project home builders have a limited range of materials and inclusions that they source for projects and will not adjust the home plan if a customer requests it. Custom home builders rely on their reputation for creating high-quality projects, so they pay close attention to all the details in your dream home.


Our team at Pacific Blue will work efficiently to build the home of your dreams. We offer a seamless transition from the design plans to the build and handing over the keys, communicating with you every step of the way. We get the answers to your questions so you can enjoy your beautiful new home. 


If you’d like to learn more about building your custom home with Pacific Blue, call us today to receive an all-around consultation with our experienced team.


custom home builder

custom home builder