4 Tips for Choosing Luxury Home Builders on the Sunshine Coast

With more and more people populating the Sunshine Coast and injecting vast amounts of cash, the once sleepy coastal region has become a bustling centre tapering towards a high-end luxury coastal lifestyle. Here on the coast, people are getting more bang for their buck, as opposed to the Big Smoke. Nevertheless, building your dream home is a hefty investment and finding luxury home builders on the Sunshine Coast is no easy feat.

luxury home builders sunshine coast

We’ve compiled a list of tips to help you sift through the range of luxury home builders on the Sunshine Coast, so you find the right one for you!


1. Get recommendations

Do you know someone who has had a custom luxury home built? Have you seen their home? Have a chat with them about their experience. But it’s not just people whose house you have visited, have a read of Google reviews and even ask your social media friends for their thoughts and recommendations on builders in the area. Questions you can ask them include:

  • The level of service and commitment they received?
  • The quality of the build and the timeframe it took?

This is the perfect time to get references on the builder as well as determine their credentials and experience in the luxury home building industry.


2. Look for a strong portfolio

Go directly to the builder in question’s website and view their gallery. Review the level of detail and craftsmanship that has gone into each build. This is their standard of work. Determine if their style of build is what you’re seeking and see how many years of experience they have building in that particular style.


3. Visit a display home

If you’re happy with the reviews the builder has received and you like the look of their portfolio, visit one of their display homes. Whilst walking through, take note of the quality of the finishes, the layout of the build, the colours and the design of the home. This is the standard of work you should expect in your home when the time comes.


4. Have plans ready

After reviewing designs, walking through display homes and speaking with friends and family who have built you might have started to form an idea for the layout of your home. Things like having the guest room on the other end of the home away from the master; perhaps you might consider a bathroom that joins two bedrooms or you’d like to have a large ensuite in the master bedroom. This can be a very exciting step in the home building process. Having a plan ready will really help the builder to put together a quote to establish what is possible. However, if you’re not confident enough to put together any rough plans, come in with a list of ‘Must have’ and ‘Must not’. 


We hope these tips will help you weed out the builders you know are not for you and propel you further in your home building journey. If you would like to learn more tips about choosing luxury home builders here on the Sunshine Coast, give us a call. Alternatively, check out our gallery of projects or contact us to chat with one of our friendly experts.

luxury home builders sunshine coast