7 Things To Look For When Choosing Residential Home Builders

If you’re escaping the rental crisis and have your block of land, you’re probably excited to start choosing your design and your builder. With so many qualified builders out there it can be overwhelming to pick just one. We’ve put together a list of qualities to look for when deciding between residential home builders.



When word-of-mouth is your main source of marketing, reputation is everything! Their ability to maintain their integrity, honesty and transparency are key qualities to identify throughout your building process. Good thing that’s what reviews are for. You can get a fairly general idea about what your builder will be like after reading reviews and meeting with them for an initial consultation.



Wanting to stay in the loop is a key aspect of any build.  Seek out builders who value communication and have processes in place to keep you informed throughout every stage of your build. 



Take the stress out of building by looking for residential home builders who offer guarantees. Whether it be start time guarantee, build time guarantee, maintenance inspection, service guarantee, structural warranty, or termite warranty. You’ll be able to sleep better at night knowing you’re covered.


Build time

Going back to what was mentioned earlier, honesty and transparency are vital when setting a build time. There’s nothing more frustrating than being given a move-in date only for it to be constantly pushed back – you don’t want to find yourself in a sticky situation especially if you’re renting. Find a builder who is true to their word!


Build quality

To determine build quality it might be well worth the visit to one of their recent custom home builds. Or alternatively you’ll want to check out their gallery. You’ll be able to see for yourself what a turnkey home looks like according to their standards. You may also want to check out one of their build sites to see if they’re organised – which will give you a good indication of their build time.


Standard inclusions

Some builders will give you a very low build quote; however, that might not include essentials that are vital to the build. We’re talking about site works, driveways, letterboxes, turf, low soil type – all of which add up and then suddenly don’t look so low. Make sure you shop around.


Client testimonials

Identify client testimonials in both written and video formats. If they’ve taken the time to go out of their way to rave about their build, that’s a good sign of hard-earned loyalty and client satisfaction.


We hope these tips will help you weed out the builders you know are not for you and propel you further in your home building journey. If you would like to learn more tips about choosing residential home builders here on the Sunshine Coast, give us a call. Alternatively, check out our gallery of projects or contact us to chat with one of our friendly experts.

residential home builders

residential home builders